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SCCYC Sikh Museum Northampton (SMN) wins Heritage Award for ‘Best Special Project 2021’

Northamptonshire Heritage Forum said, “It’s a massive undertaking to develop a new museum from scratch, even more so with a pandemic to cope with. The team as well as countless volunteers completed many projects, demonstrating massive commitment and passion by engaging remotely, digitally and on site when covid restrictions allowed.

The whole project was ambitious and well-funded. Many partnerships with local organisations explain and promote the Sikh heritage and contribution to Britain. The value of the project shone through with big community support, generating a sense of pride and achievement. The museum is an important resource for the future, and we wish it great success”.

SCCYC developed the Sikh Museum Northampton (SMN)’ in 2021. The Museum houses Sikh, Punjabi and local heritage exhibitions, objects and learning facilities.

The new exhibition is a celebration of the Sikhs of Northampton over 60 years and of the Sikh values at the core of the community.

Sikh Museum Award

Thanks to Heritage Fund

Due to the detrimental impact of the unprecedented pandemic, the Heritage Fund supported us with an additional capital grant increase to develop the ‘Sikh Museum Northampton’ space and allow accessibility through supporting the development with an access lift.  The Museum and project were only possible through the Heritage Funds support and by money raised by National Lottery players.

About the Heritage Fund
Thanks to National Lottery players, we invest money to help people across the UK explore, enjoy and protect the heritage they care about – from the archaeology under our feet to the historic parks and buildings we love, from precious memories and collections to rare wildlife. Follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram

Heritage Services

Sikh Heritage : Research, Sharing and Preservation of Sikh Heritage; Sikhs of Northampton Heritage; Local Heritage Exhibitions: Oral History, Project exhibitions, objects, and artefacts.

Sikh Art : Performing and creative arts

Sikh Heritage Resource and Education Centre : Training in Sikh core values, citizenship, community cohesion, and to support Religious Education Curriculum. Training new police recruits, teachers, and carers to support Sikh clients in their job roles.

Guided Tours : Museum and Waterside Connect Centre tours available upon booking.

Heritage School Events and Exhibitions : ‘Sikhs of Northampton – Celebrating 60 Years’ Exhibition – Opening in 2021!

Learn – Enjoy – Relax

  • Library: The library offers a vast array of books, journals, and scriptures to begin your journey into Sikhi and Punjabi history. If you prefer digital learning, access our interactive screen, iPad, laptop, or materials from your home on our website.
  • Sikh means ‘Learn’: Learn about Sikh values, scriptures, history, and objects through exhibitions, heritage trails, and quizzes.
  • Punjabi Traditions: Have a go at Embroidery, Cookery, Musical Instruments, Art, Calligraphy Punjabi Language, and handling objects.
  • Gift Carts: Purchase memorabilia, gifts, books, cards, and even pickles from our Sikh or Punjabi Gift Carts.
  • Punjabi Fusion: Relax and reminisce in the Punjabi culture-themed ‘Haveli’ with mouthwatering Punjabi Thali dishes and refreshments.
  • Share the experience with friends: There are numerous selfie moments and a photobooth. Tag in the snaps @sccycwatersideconnect

Make a Booking: Tours, workshops, or training.

Venue Hire: Exhibition spaces, conferences, seminars, events, meetings, training, and workshops


SCCYC Waterside Connect ‘Connecting Communities’
SCCYC Waterside Connect ‘Connecting Communities’
SCCYC Waterside Connect ‘Connecting Communities’
SCCYC Waterside Connect ‘Connecting Communities’
SCCYC Waterside Connect ‘Connecting Communities’
SCCYC Waterside Connect ‘Connecting Communities’
SCCYC Waterside Connect ‘Connecting Communities’
SCCYC Waterside Connect ‘Connecting Communities’