SCCYC Waterside Connect

‘Connecting Communities’

SCCYC Waterside Connect ‘Connecting Communities’

An established innovative community hub providing vital support for Northamptonshire communities.

Based in the heart of the Northampton Enterprise Zone, a Centre for Business and Enterprise where all profits go towards social benefit of disadvantaged people.

Our Services

Support and Poverty Service. SCCYC Waterside Connect

Covid-19 Emergency Support and Food Aid Service.
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Health and Wellbeing Centre Waterside Connect

Mind-Body-Soul Programme to improve physical, emotional, and social wellbeing

Education, Training & Volunteer Centre. SCCYC Waterside Connect

Skills training for personal and professional development

Sikh Museum Northampton

Tours, workshops, events in Sikh heritage and multi-arts

Business & Enterprise Centre SCCYC Waterside Connect

Building partnerships, facility hire and enterprise.

SCCYC Waterside Connect ‘Connecting Communities’

Punjabi Fusion Catering Enterprise

Fusion of Punjabi and English in-house vegetarian catering, with all profit towards social impact.

Our Impact

Our Annual Impact

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Over 6000 hot meals provided to deeply deprived homeless and low-income families.

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400 beneficiaries are supported every week with regular Food Aid boxes.

SCCYC Waterside Connect ‘Connecting Communities’

700 people provided with ad hoc emergency support, one time support, floods, winter support.

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30 volunteers from diverse backgrounds and organisations are involved in Poverty service delivery.

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100 clients have benefitted from improved health, wellbeing, and social interaction activities.

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30 people accessed education and training towards employment skills development.

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1,000 people enjoyed heritage and multi-arts participation and heritage and digital skills development.

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We urgently require support for dry and fresh Food, toiletries and cleaning products

SCCYC Waterside Connect

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