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SCCYC Waterside Connect ‘Connecting Communities’


At SCCYC Waterside Connect in Northampton, we offer an extensive range of volunteering experiences.  We have a large building that extends a selection of different hospitality volunteering services including a food bank, community kitchen, and a large-scale banqueting service.

We always need the support of volunteers to increase positive community hospitality experiences both in our Receptions and in our Sikhi Artifacts Museum. Whether you seek friendship or a solo hobby, we are here to make your volunteering experience work for you.

For those volunteers seeking peace and quiet, or mindfulness away from their job, you may prefer to be outside in our garden where you can learn all things organic.  This knowledge would benefit your home kitchen as much as the community kitchen.

For those that seek friendship or enjoy helping others in practical and social ways, we offer a variety of welfare including food aid and emergency response services.  We run youth and women’s service development projects too.  You are very welcome to trial different services so you get the best fit for you.

Contact SCCYC on to arrange to come along to find out about these various opportunities.  You might gain new skills to help your particular area of study, increase your self-confidence, practical and or social skills.  Whether you do this in our organic growing garden or offer to provide reception support in our new gym.  You might combine this with fundraising support at our various in-house and private site fundraising events.  You are always very welcome to explore all the options.

SCCYC Waterside Connect ‘Connecting Communities’

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